Emerging Leaders Forum

The massive shift of the Christian center of gravity from the North and West to the southern and eastern regions of the globe has been fueled by explosive church growth in many countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Increased numbers of converts and local churches have not resulted, however, in a corresponding increase of competent leaders that can engage the changing paradigms of society and the Church. Formal educational models cannot possibly keep pace with the leadership needs of the transforming and always reforming Church of the northern hemisphere.


This Emerging Leaders Forum platform will focus on spiritual formation and leadership development through a Contemplative Retreat setting during November; A Social Justice Summit in October; and An Interactive Partnership Effort during the summer to communities ravaged by natural disasters. The underlying focus is leadership development through praxis and mentoring. We will partner with a church, governing body or organization and bring a cohort of emerging leaders for a community engagement project. 

A New Kind

Of Being WOKE!


10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

A Social Justice Summit

More information as to location and speakers will be coming soon!

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