Ministry Designs

Collaboration, experiential, and cohort model of learning will be the primary pillars of our ministry designs. We believe that God has provided each individual with talents and gifts to explore, refine, and implement to give God glory and to serve neighbor as good stewards of God's grace. Our format is to collaborate with church leadership in exploring innovative opportunities for all members and friends to learn from each other's experiences and build sustainable processes for inclusive ministry. Each person has invaluable experiences where culture, language, family heritage and religious practices have shaped our world outlook and interpretation of Scripture. As such, we wish to explore modes of learning through small groups where active listening can take place with the intent of hearing each other's joys, anxieties, doubts, and victories. 

Focusing on Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development with the Church of Today in the following areas:

From the youngest to the most seasoned adult in our communities of faith, every individual has significance and is valuable (Psalm 139:14). Our foundation is based on the reality of Christ's ministry who welcomed all into conversation regardless of the categories imposed by society and the church. As such we will examine our ministry designs with the theological framework that we are all on a journey that focuses on constant movement and creativity with the following perspectives:


Spiritual Renewal & Formation

Jesus at The Center Retreats in May for youth ages 9-17. 

Emerging Leaders Forum in November for young adults ages 18 - 35+


Leadership Development

Social Justice Summit in Fall 2018


Mission & Praxis

Work Project in an urban community

Limitless Possibilities

To engage the challenges in our midst, we enter into a covenant with God as a humble response in worship! We wish to partner with existing organizations, denominational offices, community organizations, critical thinkers, and innovative ministry and social service practitioners in the formation of sustainable designs that are innovative, relevant, and transformational.