Our children and youth are experiencing circumstances of grave consequences in our society. Many are tormented by the violence taking place as a result of gang-related activities, mass shootings, immigration, elements of poverty. It is at this moment that WE MUST RISE and claim the powerful message of the Gospel for and with the generations to come. We can no longer be complicit with excuses that our churches don't have children or youth. There must be a concerted effort to examine dynamic and innovative approaches for effective congregational ministry that will honor the stories of our children and youth. At the Annual Youth Celebrations we will provide a study series for thirty adults - it's time for WE MUST RISE!


The purpose of the "WE MUST RISE" study series for adults during the Annual Youth Retreat Celebrations is to provide the interchange of concerns and experience the beauty of intergenerational relationship-building. The hope is for the adult(s) to return with their youth to their home congregations and provide support for on-going spiritual formation. 

The facilitator for these studies on Saturday, May 25th will be the Rev. Maureen Gerald. Maureen is a Spiritual Director, training, teaching, and preaching personal and organizational growth solutions for 21st-century Christian leadership to multicultural communities across the globe. Her breathe of work, which is rooted in God’s love and grace, incorporates her theological training and clinical social work background, helping thousands to map out new ways to move forward. Maureen has received Congressional commendations from her home state of New Jersey for her work national and abroad. 


  • Adult participants are welcomed to come on SATURDAY, MAY 23, 2020 by 12:00 p.m. to enroll in the afternoon study series on Youth & Young Adults ministry formation: “WE MUST RISE.” Registration must be complete by May 1, 2019. Cost per person is $75.00 for the day that include two meals and materials. There is a limit of 25 slots available.

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